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Membership of the British Assistive Technology Association

BATA is continuing to develop: finances are sound; membership is growing, and our website is ranked highly by Google. We are increasingly in touch with key figures in Parliament. Our comments on reports and legislation are reported in the media. We are building up evidence and contacts to help us campaign effectively.

Our strength is in combining top British AT companies with public and third sector organisations. We are working with professionals expert in A.T. across education, health and the workplace.

We have now introduced a Charter for new members and those renewing from January 2016.

Join now and help us change lives for the better!

Membership of BATA is open to anyone wanting to promote the use of Assistive Technology for anyone who has a disability. This includes users, carers, professionals, charities, local authorities, schools, colleges, universities and companies working in this field.


Membership entitles the member to have voting rights within the Association, and the right to be elected to the Council. There will be further benefits for full membership which will be clarified as membership grows.

A full member should have the BATA logo on the home page of their website with a link to the BATA website. The BATA website will show the members logo, a short description of products and services, and an outward link to the member's website.

Membership Fees for 2017

Membership Type    
Individuals (employed, retired, un-waged) £53 (plus VAT) Join BATA (1 employee/person)
Third Sector Organisations £105 (plus VAT) Join BATA Third Sector
Third Sector Organisations 50 or more employees £315 (plus VAT) Join BATA Third Sector 50+
Schools, HE, FE and LA Services £105 (plus VAT) Join BATA (11 - 50 employees/persons)
Commercial Business, 1-3 employees £158 (plus VAT) Join BATA (50+ employees/persons)
Commercial Business, 4-10 employees £290 (plus VAT) Join BATA (50+ employees/persons)
Commercial Business, 11-50 employees £578 (plus VAT) Join BATA (50+ employees/persons)
Commercial Business with 51-200 employees £865 (plus VAT) Join BATA (50+ employees/persons)
Commercial Business with 201 or more employees £1050 (plus VAT) Join BATA (200+ employees/persons)

Premium Partnership

Premium Partnership with BATA is open to any organisation with an interest in assistive technology. Membership of BATA will give your organisation the opportunity to network with BATA members, who are the leading authorities on AT in the UK. Premium Partnership also provides a valuable platform to lobby government and other stakeholders on policy that affects AT. Please contact Executive Director John Lamb at  for further information.

Registered Subscriber

This free service is designed for individuals who wish to support BATA and hear about our activities.

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